• You Can Only Get Better.

    Melody L. Schoenfeld, MA, CSCS, brings over 20 years of training and massage therapy experience to the Southern California area. Train smart. Train right. Have fun. You can only get better. Read More
  • Flawless Fitness - The Gym

    Flawless Fitness' studio space is not what you might expect a personal training gym to look like.  There are no cardio machines, strength machines or, really, machines of any kind.  The only machines there, as a matter of fact, are the people who come in and train-- you are your own machine, and your body was made to move its own way. 

    This is not about what's trendy.  This is about what works. 

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  • Group Training

    Group Training classes are a vigorous mix of different kinds of training methodologies designed to give you the most burn for your buck. Classes are 30 minutes and will have your heart pounding, your muscles burning, and your body more toned and fit. Group Training is a fun and extremely affordable way to supplement your current workout. Come join us! 

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Van's Testimonial

I started training with Melody Schoenfeld in mid-March 2002. I trained two times a week with her and at least one other day on my own for two months. We spent one training session a week focusing on upper body and the other on lower body supplemented by cardio.

I am a 40-year-old male, 6’1” tall and weighed in at 190 lbs., with almost 24% body fat when I first started. My waist size was 36” and I had an 18” neck and wore extra-large shirts. My motivation to begin training was both physical and mental. I have always weighed around 170 lbs., but in the past few years had put on over 20 lbs. of fat and felt terrible about my looks. My cholesterol was sky high (in the mid-200’s) and I knew I had reached a point in my life where exercise had become a necessity, not just something I did to stay in shape. Besides, my energy level was not what it used to be and none of my clothes fit anymore.

At the same time that I started personal training with Melody I also changed my diet, with her guidance, to be low in fat and no more than 1700 calories per day. I also started eating less red meat and more vegetables and fresh fruits.

Here are my results:
By May, six weeks after I started, I had lowered my body fat by 6 % to 18%. I was half way to my goal weight of between 165 and 170 lbs., and started seeing dramatic changes in how my body looked. Even better yet, others were noticing as well which only helped me to stay motivated. It is now mid-July and I have been at my goal weight for over a month and my body fat content is probably even lower than 18%. My waist size has gone down to 32/33 inches, my neck size is now 16 _ and I can even fit into some medium size shirts! My cholesterol is now in the normal range and I feel better than I have in years. Most importantly, I have changed bad habits like being inactive and eating junk food. These are hard habits to break and working with Melody got me into a routine that I can build upon going into the future. I have every confidence that I will never go back to the point I was when I started.

Melody has played in instrumental part in my transformation with her enthusiasm and constant positive reinforcement. She has a wealth of knowledge on good nutrition and knows a multitude of exercises to keep your workouts fresh each time. In fact, this is one of her strongest points…diversification! In addition, she has a keen sense of knowing when to push you without over doing it and risking injury. Melody is a great personal trainer as well as teacher and I recommend her without reservation.

-Van W.