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    Melody L. Schoenfeld, MA, CSCS, brings over 20 years of training and massage therapy experience to the Southern California area. Train smart. Train right. Have fun. You can only get better. Read More
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    Flawless Fitness' studio space is not what you might expect a personal training gym to look like.  There are no cardio machines, strength machines or, really, machines of any kind.  The only machines there, as a matter of fact, are the people who come in and train-- you are your own machine, and your body was made to move its own way. 

    This is not about what's trendy.  This is about what works. 

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    Group Training classes are a vigorous mix of different kinds of training methodologies designed to give you the most burn for your buck. Classes are 30 minutes and will have your heart pounding, your muscles burning, and your body more toned and fit. Group Training is a fun and extremely affordable way to supplement your current workout. Come join us! 

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Not Yer Mama's Fitness Blog

  • 2020 Annual End Of The Year Posty Thingy

    Melody Schoenfeld-- Not Yer Mama's Fitness Blog Dec 31, 2020 | 05:15 am

    2020 Annual End Of The Year Posty Thingy  2020 was... well, it was.  The year started out with high hopes.  I had multiple public speaking engagements booked nationally and internationally.  I had several shows booked around the state and country with my band, The Angry Brians, too.  In fact, when the pandemic started, I was in Las Vegas, waiting to perform at the Fremont Street and Henderson St Paddy's Day festivals.  And, well, we know how that all worked out.I came home and temporarily shut down my in-person business and immediately implemented an online training platform for my private and group clients.  I also took on more work with Macros, Inc, with whom I do nutrition consulting and online training.  I managed to maintain about 75% of my personal clientele, kept food on the table, lights on, and my home and studio rent paid.  I consider myself phenomenally lucky to have been able to do so.  All around me, I've watched colleagues lose their businesses or end up in financial dire straits.  It's been sobering, to say the least.At the same time, I decided it was time to close down Evil Munky Enterprises, my custom equipment manufacturing business that I've run for the last 5 years.  Through it, I brought my concept, the water-fillable steel mace (as well as globe dumbbells and barbells), to fruition, came up with designs for monkey bar rigs and all kinds of other things I wanted to see made, and more.  I had a lot of happy customers and loved my products, but I honestly[…]

  • 2019 End Of Year Posty Thingy

    Melody Schoenfeld-- Not Yer Mama's Fitness Blog Dec 31, 2019 | 15:36 pm

    2019 End Of Year Posty Thingy It's been a hell of a year.This year, I:-Started singing with the best project I could imagine (The Angry Brians)-Gave very successful health and fitness presentations across the United States and in Germany-Was recognized as NSCA's 2019 Personal Trainer of the Year-Did a lot of traveling (Iceland, parts of Bavaria and Munich, Salzburg, Brno, Krakow and surrounding areas)-Met and started living with the love of my life-Did a lot of writing (2 books in progress)-Released a new cover song and was featured in two songs on the new Threering album-Participated in my first tower race along with my love and a group of my amazing clients (75 floors in about 20 minutes)-Became a nutrition coach with Macros, Inc.-Hired a new strongman coach to try to break through some of my strength plateausThis year I also had to stay steadfast on my self-care, which I often let slide.  I have spent most of my life putting everyone else's happiness before my own, which often ended up harming me in the end.  I am starting to value and prioritize my own happiness and remove myself from situations which are hurtful.  It's a slow learning process, but I've made a lot of progress with this, and I am proud that I've been sticking pretty well to the promises I made to myself during the Great Lessons Of 2018.In light of that, my new happiness in my relationship seems to have resurrected a lot of not-so-great people from my past, which created a lot[…]

  • I'm No Internet Sensation

    Melody Schoenfeld-- Not Yer Mama's Fitness Blog Mar 8, 2019 | 14:33 pm

    I'm No Internet Sensation It has occurred to me that, when it comes to my fitness business, I am probably a marketing person's worst nightmare.I don't live in the gym. I don't flex on Fridays (or, really, any other days). I don't post carefully curated gym selfies daily. I post more pictures of my dog and cats than I do of myself. I don't apply filters or artificially adjust my photos. I don't plan out the lighting. I wear cat leggings. My hair is all over the place. I am much more likely to post stories about animals and good humans than I am to post motivational gym quotes. I don't meal prep, and I don't post photos of my perfectly portioned macros. I don't really even count macros. The fact of the matter is, I work out because I love it, I love the way it makes me feel, and, most importantly, I love what I can accomplish outside the gym because of it. The gym is not my life.I don't care if my posts get 5 likes or 5000 likes. I don't design my life around what it might take to appeal to the internet. My life takes place solidly outside the computer.So I guess, as a result, I will never be an internet sensation. I will probably never make the kind of money internet celebrities make, and I will probably never sell as many online products as someone who plays the game does. I'm fine with that.What I will continue to do is[…]

  • 2018 End Of Year Posty Thingy

    Melody Schoenfeld-- Not Yer Mama's Fitness Blog Dec 30, 2018 | 19:20 pm

    2018 was a rollercoaster of a year, and a very challenging one for me.This year, I lost my beautiful Aunt Maxine, who was one of the people I loved most in the world.   She was vibrant and active and full of life, and to see her body consumed by cancer was excruciating.  I miss her every day.This year, my client Jonathan Gold passed away unexpectedly of pancreatic cancer.  I had been working with Jonathan for almost 18 years, and he and his wife are like family to me.  Jonathan was a very well-known and celebrated food critic, and as I mourned his passing, so did the entire Los Angeles community and the food-loving community worldwide.  His loss affected me deeply, as it did for so many.Within the same time frame, I had two friends in the hospital with severe heart problems.  Fortunately, both eventually made it out and are recovering, but it was very touch and go for a while.  This year saw many more of my friends in and out of the hospital with very dangerous conditions.  I am so glad most of them recovered.This year, several more people in my community passed suddenly of heart disease, cancers, and aneurysms.  Some took their own lives.  Meanwhile, several friends of mine experienced their own tragedies, and we all did our best to support each other through all this pain.This year, I ended a long-term relationship that had not been working for me for a very long time.  I had been[…]

  • Social Media Medical Professionals

    Melody Schoenfeld-- Not Yer Mama's Fitness Blog Oct 15, 2018 | 11:43 am

    Social Media Medical Professionals The other day, I posted the following on my social media:I thought it was kinda funny because I have a reputation of being a bit of a klutz, and I spill some kind of liquid on myself at least once a day.What followed was a deluge of warnings of my imminent demise.  Drinking too much water could kill me, cried my comments section!  Commenter after commenter insisted I was at risk (and one person wanted to refer me to a book about water not being the best way to hydrate myself, anyway).  Yes, hyponatremia was clearly a massive danger that I was subjecting myself to on a daily basis, and it's amazing I'm alive to tell the tale of my rogue water-drinking habits right now.The internet is an amazing thing, connecting us to people and information we never might have accessed before.  This is a great thing, but it can also be problematic.  So if there is one piece of advice I can bestow upon you, it is this:DON'T TAKE MEDICAL ADVICE FROM PEOPLE WHO AREN'T QUALIFIED TO GIVE IT.Alarmism is used to sell dogma, and it is a powerful tool.  "YOU WILL DIE IF YOU EAT THAT" is something that will often force people to at least pause, particularly if that information is coming from someone with perceived authority. Some people are skilled in manipulating scientific jargon and information to make something sound credible (i.e. "putting butter in your coffee is a great idea for your health, and here's some[…]

  • On Self Care

    Melody Schoenfeld-- Not Yer Mama's Fitness Blog Sep 13, 2018 | 17:30 pm

    Someone recently asked what people do for self care, and I thought it was an important subject, so I figured, why not blog about it?I have recently  really gotten way more into self care than I ever had in the past.  It's so easy to forget yourself when you're constantly taking care of everyone else.I work from 5am-about noon and again from about 5pm-7pm most days.  Wednesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays, I work half days, and I never work Sundays.  The free time I carved out for myself is sacred.  No one is allowed to encroach on it.  I don't answer my phone.  That is my time to do as I please-- write, take a nap, maybe practice my long-neglected instruments, whatever.  That is my mental health break of the day, and it is so important.I have panic disorder, and weekly floatation sessions got that under control.  Now I only go as needed, maybe once every few months. I now do a trade with a hair person.  I hadn't done anything to my hair in over a decade, but she has me coming in once a week for all these protein and conditioning treatments and a scalp massage, and I gotta say, I love it.I have a spa day now and then with a friend just because.  It's great bonding time, and it feels good.  But making time for friends, with or without a spa day, is imperative.  I try to ensure that I check in with the people I care[…]

  • Why The Book Was Necessary

    Melody Schoenfeld-- Not Yer Mama's Fitness Blog Feb 6, 2018 | 19:06 pm

    I just got a rejection letter from a vegan magazine because my book contains peer-reviewed research demonstrating that vegans need to provide some nutritional supplementation to their diets. The magazine said they don't publish that kind of information because it scares people away from being vegan, and that they only publish research from specific researchers (i.e. T. Colin Campbell and Pamela Popper, who are with the Physician's Committee for Responsible Medicine and tend to cherry-pick research, and furthermore Dr. Campbell *does* say that at least B12 needs to be supplemented, possibly D3, and to have blood tests to check for deficiencies). And this is EXACTLY why I wrote my book.  Cherry-picking research to promote your view does no one any good.  The rejection doesn't surprise me, but it's a good example of the scale of the problem.My favorite quote from the rejection letter:"I hope this information helps Ms. Schoenfeld and we hope she publishes more books in the future with better (or no) nutritional science."

  • Flu Shots

    Melody Schoenfeld-- Not Yer Mama's Fitness Blog Jan 11, 2018 | 04:47 am

    Flu Shots This time of year, I often see people asking if they should get the flu shot, if the flu shot is effective, if the flu shot can make them sick, and so on.There is a strange culture of fear in the US about vaccines.  People dissect the ingredients of vaccines and use that to insist that they are dangerous, that they don't want those chemicals in their bodies.  Somehow, some celebrity made extremely popular the notion that vaccines cause autism.Here are some vaccine facts:1)  You cannot get the flu from the flu vaccine.  I know a bunch of you are going to counter this by telling me how sick you got weeks, days, or hours after getting the shot.  But here is the thing:  the flu vaccine is made from a killed virus.  That means the virus is inactive.  It is impossible to get the flu from an inactive virus.  If you got sick after getting a shot,  it could be because:- you had an immune response to the vaccine, which could mean localized or general aches and pains for a few days, a low-grade fever, or something along those lines.-you got sick with something not covered by the vaccine.-you got exposed to a flu virus before the 2 week period it takes for the vaccine to take effect.But I promise you, you did not get the flu from the flu vaccine.2)  Vaccines do NOT cause autism or MS.  There is no credible evidence to support these claims.  1 2. The[…]

  • End-of-year New Year's Thingy, v. 2017

    Melody Schoenfeld-- Not Yer Mama's Fitness Blog Dec 31, 2017 | 19:02 pm

    End-of-year New Year's Thingy, v. 2017 2017 was quite a year for me.On the strength front:-I didn't do any strength competitions at all this year.  It wasn't intentional-- it really came down to time and money-- but although I love to compete, I have to say, the break was nice.  I may compete again in 2018, but again, it just depends.  I'm still chasing that 300lb deadlift, though.-I continue to practice oldtime strongman feats of strength (I hearted a few horseshoes this year!)-I overhead pressed a 50lb circus dumbbell (a little under half my bodyweight) and continued training for strongman.  There are a few competitions I have my eye on for 2018 (but as I said, we'll see).On the business front:-My training studio, although always a financial struggle, continues to be one of the best investments I ever made.  Having my own space (and a great space at that!) makes all the difference in the world for me and for my clients.  I celebrated my fourth year here in September and I couldn't be happier.-Evil Munky made lots of new maces, dumbbells, and other equipment this year, and we are working on next year's orders, too.  I am in awe of the growth of this little company I built.-I got to do a fair amount of public speaking this year for organizations such as the NSCA and Girls Gone Strong.  I have had a few requests already for 2018, and am looking forward to having many more speaking engagements soon!On the music front:-I continue to sing[…]

  • Realizing a Dream

    Melody Schoenfeld-- Not Yer Mama's Fitness Blog Nov 21, 2017 | 15:05 pm

    Realizing a Dream If you are a regular reader of this blog, you probably know that for the last several years, one of my New Year's resolutions to myself has been to get my book written.Well, at long last, I have made that dream a reality.  As of Friday, my new book, Pleasure Not Meating You, has been available for purchase on Amazon! I cannot express to you how much it means to see this project through.  There is a major lack of unbiased, non-propaganda information about the vegan diet in media, and I sought to change that with this book. I had the scientific portion vetted by decidedly non-vegan heavy-hitters in the nutrition world such as Dr. Jose Antonio, PhD. of the ISSN, and Dr. Mike Israetel, PhD of Notre Dame University (who also wrote the foreword for this book!) as well as the very amazing Leigh Peele, to ensure that the contents are as accurate and neutral as possible.  And, of course, I wanted to share a few recipes as well (I hope I did OK with that part, as usually my cooking is not that structured). So, should you decide to purchase this book, I hope you enjoy it, and I hope it helps you in some way. As for me, I am SO EXCITED.